Computer-related eyestrain – The 20/20/20 Rule

Everybody’s doing it – using screens, I mean.  Smartphones, computer monitors, laptops, tablets – you can hardly avoid using at least one of them, even if you wanted to. With COVID-related changes in schooling and working from home, screen use is way up for many of us,  and so is… Read More

Blue light filters and LCD screens – the truth behind the hype.

There’s a lot of media attention and advertising time being devoted to the possible harmful effects of blue light, specifically the blue light emitted from LCD screens such as phones, tablets and computers.  The dangers suggested range from eyestrain to eye health damage such as cataracts and macular degeneration.  So… Read More

Should You Order Your Glasses Online?

Ordering your new glasses online can seem like an inexpensive way to buy eyewear, but be advised that there are a number of shortcomings to this approach.  Firstly, prescription frames are kind of like clothing or shoes:  until you try them on, you don’t know how they’ll fit or feel…. Read More

Children’s Vision Care

We care about children’s vision!  All children should have their first eye examination by the age of 3, or earlier if you or your family doctor has any concerns.  Testing can detect conditions that may lead to what is called amblyopia, or “lazy eye”, in which the vision in one… Read More